Very few countries can lay claim to be in the region of the Mediterranean. Whether a visit to Spain, Portugal, Greece or Turkey, all are exotic and have a very special flavor of their own. 

Spain and Portugal both share a moderate climate even in the wintertime. As in the whole of the Mediterranean area there is a wealth of culture and historic treasures to be found. One can visit the major cities with their museums and outdoor cafes or walk around fairy-tale like castles in the countryside.

To visit Greece is an experience one will not forget. With its wonderful array of things to do and see, whether you are following in the path of St. Paul, purely on a vacation, taking a cruise or island hopping. Visit the Parthenon and then take some time to go the outdoor shuks or market places.

Turkey is a country rich with culture and is worth exploring. One can visit the Roman ruins of Ephesus and then hire a private yacht for a midday cruise with lunch. The people of Turkey are friendly and helpful. Bargaining in Turkey is an accepted practice in the marketplaces and is usually an enjoyable experience.